Thank you for visiting my new website! I am currently looking to add more students for Metropolitan Detroit area drum lessons, and I look forward to, and appreciate this opportunity!  My current students can be provided as a reference, and a background check can be provided on request.  Please visit the “Lessons” page for more detailed information on my reasonable rates.  Information pertaining to my experience can be viewed on the “Biography” page, and accessed through the audio samples on this website.

It is extremely important to me that a student is very comfortable, and fundamentally has fun learning!  So, I provide a fun and comfortable environment by being very approachable and patient, and by creating a calm, low stress environment.

I am a feel over flash drummer, with very good ensemble skills. So, I am skilled at the art of teaching students to drum with a nice, groove-oriented feel, while honing in and listening in a band (ensemble) setting.

No flash or fluff here, I prefer to focus on what I humbly feel is most important; that is, feel and listening skills!  I pride myself on being very patient, reliable, and approachable.  My experience relates mostly to the genres of Funk, R&B, Rock and Fusion. Thank you for your time.