I am currently looking to add more students for Metropolitan Detroit area drum lessons.  I offer a very structured lesson.  References from teachers, students, and band mates can be provided; and a background check can be provided on request.  Information pertaining to my experience can be viewed on the “Biography” page, and accessed through the audio samples on this website.

-Lesson plan includes:
(1) Learning to play with a good feel, touch, and control.

(2) Playing solid and steady, at various tempos; with the use of a metronome and headphones.

(3) Understanding the fundamentals behind various genres including: Rock, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Fusion; and various world music styles.

(4) Developing the ability to read notation AND ear out songs.  The combination of the two can be very powerful.


30-min: $30.00            45-min: $35.00             60-min: $40.00